Vietnam- Adaptation to Climate Change in Mekong Delta (Tra Vinh province)
VN 2016- Since the first months of 2016, drought and saline intrusion have caused many difficulties for farmers' lives and production activities in the Mekong Delta area of Vietnam. Adaption to Climate Change in Mekong Delta (AMD) Tra Vinh province brings new models to mitigate the adverse effects of changing climate. The results of the project open a new opportunity for scaling up and sustainable development for small-scale farmers.
Viet Nam: Adapting in the Delta
Vietnam is the world's second largest exporter of rice and 60 percent of it is grown in the Mekong Delta. But now farmers in at least two provinces say the future of rice production is threatened because of rising sea levels and temperature increases attributed to climate change.
CLAR in Tra Vinh - Practical Experience
The practical experience of Tra Vinh IMPP in using CLAR as an Innovation to Allocate Funding on Competitiveness Basis. CLAR in Spanish is “Comité Local de Asignación de Recursos” (local resources allocation committee), in which community groups compete with their business ideas and plans for accessing pubic resources that they will own and manage to procure technical assistance and build up infrastructure they need. CLAR members are representatives of the beneficiary communities and enterprise associations and information on the CLAR process and decisions are publicly announced. Resources allocated by the CLAR are up to the 80% of the total budget of a business plan and the other 20% is invested by the local communities, so both become partners.
Ben Tre hosts Vietnam Country Program Review 2012
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Vietnam, Country Program Review Conference 2012 held in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Hosted for the first time in Ben Tre province, Vietnam, November 1 – 2, 2012. Attending the meeting, were representatives of the Ministry, the central level agencies; IFAD Project Steering Committees; IFAD Project Management Units in 11 provinces; representatives of the co-sponsors, partner groups of IFAD in Vietnam including GIZ, SNV, Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency; private sector representatives from some IFAD Project provinces. For English subtitles, click red "captions" button at bottom right of player.
Hiệu quả sử dụng máy nông nghiệp do dự án DPPR Hà Giang hỗ trợ
Ngày 06/10/2012 BQL dự an DPPR Hà giang đã tổ chức cuộc thi "Phương án hay nhận ngay máy về" với sự tham gia của 17 đội thi nông dân, 13 đội đạt giải với gải thưởng là một máy nông nghiệp. Các đội đạt giải đã đưa máy về phục vụ ngay trong sản xuất vụ mùa 2012 và thu được kết quả rất khả quan.
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