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AGRICULTURE, FARMERS AND RURAL AREAS SUPPORT PROJECT - Tuyen Quang - Appendix & Learning and Innovation

Author: Nguyen Xuan Thuan


Since only few activities have been carried out in the field, there was no innovation observed during the supervision mission. However, there are some lessons learnt from the first year of implementation mainly in the project managementand coordination and capacity building to district and commune levelsas follows:

The Chairman of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) who is also the Chairman of the PPC has very little time for the project.  With the Project Director having the same rank as heads of the provincial departments, the PCU is facing some management and coordination challenges. The lesson learnt here is that the province should empower the Project Director and his PCU, giving him the autonomy and more authority to take decisions on project implementation.

At the district level, DASU has the most important role in the implementation of project activities at the commune and village levels. Their limited knowledge of value chains and weak capacities prevented the project from working effectively with the private sector and other key actors of value chain processes.  One key lesson learnt is that the local implementing agencies cannot implement project activities by themselves. In order to ensure success, the project needs technical assistance at all levels as specified in the main report. Districts and communes need quality trainers and consultants to work with them tobuildupcapacity throughpractice.

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Learning and Innovations from Supervision and Mid-Term Review Missions

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