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Achievements of IFAD - Grant project Nos. 532 and 954/ICRISAT/VAAS in Vietnam



Main activities:

  • Farmer - participatory varietal selection in groundnut, soybean and mungbean
  • Farmer participatory  ICM in groundnut, soybean and mungbean
  • Up and out scaling of farmer-preferred varieties and ICM in groundnut, soybean and mungbean
  • Seed system (seed production; formation of SHG for seed production)
  • Value addition and linkages with market
  • Mainstreaming FPRE in NARS and its impact
  • Impact assessment of farmer-preferred legume technologies
  • Knowledge empowerment of farmers and other stakeholders

Crops: Groundnut, soybean and mungbean.

Main Project locations:

  • Chiem Hoa district of Tuyen Quang province (IFAD Grant No 532 and No 954)
  • Huong Son and Loc Ha disticts of Ha Tinh Province (IFAD Grant No 954)
  • Trung Khanh district of Cao Bang province (IFAD Grant No 954)

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Development Themes: Agriculture
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