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Achievements of IFAD - Grant project Nos. 532 and 954/ICRISAT/VAAS in Vietnam

Author: NT. Chinh, and Team Vietnam Academy of Agricultural sciences Hanoi, Vietnam


Project Partners:

1.Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS)
2.IFAD loan-financed project:

     - RIPD TuyenQuang(2002-2005)

     - IMPP Ha Tinh( 2008 -2011)

     - DBRP Cao Bang (2011)

3.  Local Government (Department of Agriculture & Agricultural Extension of TuyenQuang, Cao Bang and Ha Tinhprovinces)

Crops:Groundnut, Soybean and Mungbean.

Main Project locations:

-  ChiemHoadistrict of TuyenQuangprovince (IFAD Grant

   No 532 and No 954)

-  HuongSon and Loc Ha distictsof Ha TinhProvince (IFAD

   Grant No 954)

-  TrungKhanhdistrict of Cao Bang province (IFAD Grant No


Main Activities:
PFPVsin groundnut, soybean and mungbean
PFP-ICM in groundnut, soybean and mungbean
PUp and out scaling of FPV and FP-ICM in 

     groundnut,soybeanand mungbean

PSeed system
PValue addition and linkages with market
PMainstreaming FPRE in NARS and its impact
PImpact assessment of FP legume technologies
PKnowledge empowerment of farmers and other stakeholders     

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Development Themes: Agriculture
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