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Impact of poultry project on the lives of women A case study

Interview with a women beneficiary of Poultry project funded by IFAD at Hesarak village, Balkh district, of Balkh province

This interview was conducted during my field visit to the project site. The interview will reveals some of the immediate as well as long terms impacts of the project over the lives of the women-mostly widowed.

This interview was conducted with one of the women who benefits from the RMLSP poultry project. The women lives in a remote and hard to access village.

When asked about her personal life she said, “I am an illiterate, widowed but a mother of 6 children. My husband died due to cancer two year ago. After the demise of my husband I did not have any source of income to meet my family needs she said. As a result my life was full of hardships and miseries. Providing food and other basics needs to my children was a great challenge for me.

Thanks to the RMLSP poultry project that gave me 15 pullets, required feed as well as necessary trainings as how to keep them she said. I could really see a joy on her face when she said that the project has brought some positive changes in her life. She further went on and said that before it was really hard for her to feed her children, provide her with other basic needs. Now with the assistance of the project her children don’t starve as she cooks them eggs as well as buy them other basic needs from the money she receive from selling of eggs.

One more thing that was quite appealing for me was that she has bought a mud pot where she keeps the extra money that she receives from selling of eggs. So far she has saved 1200 Afghanis.

With all this she had some concerns. One of her concern was that one day the hens will get old and hence will not lay eggs anymore. But again thanks to the project staff who taught her how to multiply her chickens through natural hatcheries. She has done this and now the number of her chicken has increased from 15 to 27.




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l read all the story it is very nice,and it shows the impact of the project on people.

Posted on 7/10/12 6:50 AM.

this is the good report to impact the balkh province

Posted on 7/13/12 3:55 AM.