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The Young Professional Programme (YPP)

RMLSP programme finances “Young Professional Programme” (YPP), which allow young, national technical professionals recently graduated from agriculture universities to work with the RMLSP for a minimum of two years in order to acquire a practice-oriented, first work experience.

The benefits of the program are  mutual: the young graduates while get field exposure and concrete work experience, the project also have at its disposal a team of motivated, energetic young professionals for undertaking field surveys and other tasks, the ultimate objective being to contribute to the development of a cadre of young, motivated national experts.

The component budget provides for a specific budget line for the Young Professionals Programme to finance their salaries and travel allowances when in the field. Under this programme, one or two persons could also be given a chance to complete their master’s degree in-country, provided that suitable candidates meet the criteria that will be defined by the project in consultation with IFAD.

 The Project has now almost completed its second round of interns under the YPP. This second round of ten graduates from Agriculture Faculties of several national universities has had practical and well-planned exposure to real life situations under the supervision of Service Providers. Eight of the first round of YPPs has found related full-time posts with various projects within the ministry of agriculture and outside.

 The project believes it’s a good experience. Does any other project within the Asia Pacific experience a similar activity? If you do please do share your experiences with us so that we can learn from each other experiences.

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