Tonga: Doing It for Themselves
The inclusion of women in decision-making on the remote pacific island of Hunga, Kingdom of Tonga, leads to the development of large-scale infrastructure projects, such as a new wharf and paved roads they had never had before.
Adapting to Climate Change in Tonga
Recipes for Change is about making Luu Ika on Hunga Island with Fiji Airways Culinary Ambassador. It also shows what kinds of recipes have been designed and implemented by Pacific Island countries using IFAD financing to cope with drought and high temperatures they are facing as a consequence of from climate change.
The work of MORDI Tonga under regional MORDI programme
Role of Forest Resources in the Sustainable Development of the Pacific Islands. Part 1
This 11-minute YouTube video was made by the NPF facility of FAO. It was originally uploaded on Mar 3, 2011. This video, called Part 1, is continued in Part 2. The description says: Forest and tree play a vital role in the lives of all the people of Pacific Island countries and territories. Ever since people settles in this region, these resources have provided a multitude of goods and environmental services that have contributed to human well-being and development. Examples are food, medicine, housing and building material, shelter, soil and water protection - all of which are renewable provided that forests and trees are managed sustainability. Besides timber products a variety of forest products with good income potential can contribute to rural development and local livelihoods. It is challenging to achieve sustainable forest management while simultaneously meeting people's needs and maintaining forts service that we usually take for granted. Deforestation and forest degradation continue in many places. Their negative impacts are taken toll on people and the environment. Incentives for improved forest management and exemplary initiatives are needed to change the way we treat these life supporting systems. This video is intended to increase people understanding about the importance of land, forests and trees in the Pacific and to promote the sustainable use of these valuable resources.

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