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A Reference Manual for Helping Small Farmers Think About Better Growing and Marketing

Author: FAO, Heiko Bammann


This 154-page .pdf file is part of the FAO Pacific Farm Management and Marketing Series, and was published in 2004.

It is a Reference Manual for Helping Small Farmers Think About Better Growing and Marketing, and has many photographs, charts, diagrams and drawings.  Its content is relevant throughout the Pacific Island countries.  As the manual describes itself:
Globalisation of the world economy and the breaking down of trade barriers mean that farmers in the PICs, if they are to sustain and improve their levels of livelihood, will have to address these new realities. This will involve the need to view farming more as a business rather than simply a way of life. Sustainable agricultural techniques will need to be combined with good farm management involving sound planning and marketing decisions. The techniques presented in this manual provide the basis for making these planning and marketing decisions. Although the ultimate target group for these techniques are the farmers themselves, it is anticipated that this manual will be most useful for those who are helping and advising farmers (e.g., extension and development officers in the public and private sectors).

The material was developed as a result of several workshops, and follow-up consultations.

This resource is also available at the Rural Finance Learning Centre site.  A detailed description of the Reference Manual is available at the Rural Finance Learning Centre site, which includes the following:
The emphasis in this manual is on small farmers, since they form the majority in the Pacific. The manual itself is divided into five primary parts – where the introduction to each of the following chapters provides details of the material presented :

  • The farming systems approach to development (FSD) (Chapter 3)
  • Farm management (Chapter 4)
  • Marketing (Chapter 5)
  • The production-marketing link (Chapter 6)
  • Risk management (Chapter 7)

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Development Themes: Community Based Development Food Security & Nutrition Agriculture Markets & Value Chain
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Production, Marketing and Value Chains in the Pacific
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