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Food insecurity ranges from hunger through fear of starvation to extreme famine, and can be either chronic or transitory. Despite food production increases in past decades, there are over 800 million people worldwide who are chronically hungry, and up to 2 billion people lacking food security.

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Thailand -Cambodia Organic Farm Clinic Internship

Display Date: 6/18/13

Thailand -Cambodia Organic Farm Clinic Internship

(Thailand,  20-29 June 2013)


As participants of the Pro-Poor Public Private Partnership Learning Route (organized by PROCASUR  in Thailand during 2012), the Project for Agricultural Development and Economic Empowerment (PADEE) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries (MAFF) of Cambodia designed a proposal for improving life quality of the rural farmers through the access to innovative agricultural and business techniques and strategies.

PADEE’s team drew its attention to the peer-to-peer extension service approach promoted by the Ministry of Agricultural and Cooperatives of Thailand. Particularly importance has been given to the Community Learning Centres (CLC) model as a public private partnership tool for the provision of technical assistance and capacity building.

On that basis, PADEE developed the “Organic Farm Clinic” as its Innovation Plan, aiming to pilot the CLCs peer-to-peer training approach with organic rice and safe vegetables in the provinces of Takeo and Kandal where Organic Rice and Safe Vegetables Value Chains are being promoted. The Innovation has a total cost of USD 107 500 and a duration of twelve months. The Innovation plan considered two exchanges between Cambodia and Thailand, first an internship in Thailand where PADEE staff and beneficiaries learn directly from the CLC the agricultural techniques that allows them to become self-sufficient, improve famers organization and access to new markets. Moreover, during this internship Cambodian farmers will learn how to define, provide and evaluate technical assistance and capacity building services by the establishment of sustainable and profitable “Organic Farms Clinics”.

The second exchange will occur in October 2013, when a delegation of Thai CLC Managers and MOAC officials visit the province of Takeo and Kandal and support the establishment of the “Organic Farm Clinics”.

The Thailand - Cambodia Organic Farm Clinic Internship is a customized knowledge exchange platform, prepared to coach PADEE staff and beneficiaries in the rationale and overarching competences required to set up centres as the MOAC supported Thai CLCs. Couching will also address production, process and commercialization requirements related to organic rice and safe vegetables crops.

For more information please download the internship materials here and visit and follow us on



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