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Timor Leste first ever contribution to IFAD's Replenishment

Display Date: 12/18/14

We are honoured and grateful to inform that Timor Leste has just provided IFAD with USD50,000 as its first contribution to IFAD's Replenishment, a sign of trust and confidence in our organisation's efforts and hard work in combating poverty and hunger across the world.   

Although relatively a small amount, Timor Leste pledge is hugely symbolic from such a small and impoverished country and it is the beginning of an yearly commitment that better aligns to the country budgeting process and contributions to other development parthers. 

Just a few months ago, the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries had sent to IFAD President Nwanze Kanayo a maize storage drum, icon of the IFAD "Timor Leste Maize Storage Project"that has improved the life of 23,000 poor households in the last two years.


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