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UNTL Post Harvest Losses Under Traditional System of Storing Maize Research results presentation 11 July 2014

Display Date: 7/11/14

The University of Timor Lorosae has today presented the final results of the year long research into post harvest maize storage losses under the traditional system of storing maize in Bidon Hálot Batar target districts. The study involved selecting 30 households in each of Bidon Hálot Batar’s five targeted districts; sampling six cobs of maize per month and measuring the losses; 72 cobs in total were selected from each household and maize losses were counted. The results as presented by Mr Acacio Guterres indicates that for an average farmer that grows 1 tonne of maize and consumes regularly throughout the year, the losses are approximately 32% in total (19% to weevils, 9% to rats, 1% chicken and 3% to mould). This is a significant amount of maize loss and thus farmers must use better storage methods such as airtight metal drums. 


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