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Gender Mainstreaming in Daily Practice - Laos

Ms. Inez UsLeyanege

“If women are expected to do the same work as men, we must teach them the same things. ― Plato ”

What can you do to make a difference? Follow this course and find out for yourself!

You need to ensure Gender equity in your work. You are seeking for background knowledge on the gender discussion and practical tools and tips to contribute to Gender mainstreaming in your daily work, beyond only counting beneficiaries. This course will equip you with the concepts of gender, and then link them to practical actions in project management as well as home and office situations. We will introduce the powerful tool of Appreciative Inquiry, which can help women and men grow from strength to strength.

THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! You are gender consultants, who could facilitate gender audits or evaluation, gender planning, or the introduction of change at your work.

Language: English
Course Fee: 
€ 850
(The course fee includes lunch, snacks, course material and a certificate)

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE Follow the link and register online:


• Gender awareness: Individual and cultural behavior
• Understanding the need for gender mainstreaming
• Gender and social change
• Project planning and gender analysis
• Appreciative inquiry: Pathways of change
• Designing the sequence of change
• Key competences for change agents
• Gender impact assessment
• SMART objectives and gender indicators
• Gender budgeting
• Gender sensitive data collection
• Gender assessment of organizations

• Organisational culture, staff and leadership                                            

Ms. Inez UsLeyanege
Marketing & Client Liaison - MDF Asia

Mobile: +94 77 3949041
Tel: +94 11 2808121 or 280 5122 


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