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3rd Project Progress Report WOCAN -1347

Author: WOCAN

This report documents all the activities conducted from January-June 2013 for the "Capacity Building for Women’s Leadership in Farmer Producer Organizations in Asia and the Pacific Region Project" IFAD/WOCAN Grant 1347.

Table1. List of training workshops conducted between January-July 2013




Training Workshop


Training Venue


# of days, date – 2013


# of Participants


Participating Country



Gender Integrated Planning

Kandy, Sri Lanka

5 days,  (8-12 Feb)

11 (6 women, 5 men)

Maldives, Sri Lanka


Reframing Leadership for Women and Men

Colombo, Sri Lanka

5 days, (6-10 May)


11 (6 women, 5 men)[1]

Maldives, Sri Lanka



Training of Trainers

Bangkok, Thailand

5 days  (24-28 June)


16 (10 women, 6 men)[2]

Lao PDR, Maldives & Sri Lanka





Women’s Leadership for Planning (Producer Group level)

Atapeu,  ChalernXay District,  Lao PDR

4 days  (5-8 March)

26 (21 women, 5 men)



Provincial HQs, Attapeu, Lao PDR

4 days  (10-13 March)

27 (19 women, 8 men)




Xayabouli Province, Lao PDR

4 days (4-7 April)

26 (12 Govt officials, 14 farmers -  23 women and 3 men)


The purpose of this project is to create a culture of women’s leadership and advocacy of change in countries where performances of gender issues have been poor and rural sector performance in women’s representation in the government is low. The program is in line with IFAD’s strategic framework, and will thus contribute to strengthen rural representation of women and men in policy processes, improve rural farmers’, skills, information and knowledge with the ultimate goal of improving food security and decreasing rural poverty.
The target group includes project stakeholders and representatives of beneficiaries in IFAD project areas in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Lao PDR. It also includes trainers who will be trained to deliver relevant capacity building activities.

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