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[CASE STUDY] Change For The Better A case on Suduwathura Aara Milk Collecting Center



“Before the project intervention, we had a small temporary shed to collect milk. We
faced numerous difficulties due to lack of resources.
Smallholder Plantations Entrepreneurship Development Programme (SPEnDP) in
Monaragala had identified the difficulties we faced when collecting and measuring the milk inside the temporary shed. SPEnDP has initiated the requirement of permanent center for collecting milk. On their proposal, new milk collecting center has constructed and handed over to the Suduwathura Aara milk producing society in October 2013.

The project has given the guidance and assistance to form a formal business group with milking farmers. In addition, the project has provided matching grants for the poor farmers to purchase high quality hybrid cattle and also given appropriate training on cattle management. After two years of commencing the operations of the milk collecting center (by October, 2015), the total membership has grown up to 50 and the total milk collection per day has drastically improved up to 325L. Most of the farmers who registered with the milk collecting center are getting well over Rs.
660/- per day on average. By providing us a new milk collecting center, we have given a way to develop and our livelihoods are now in safe reliable hands”.

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