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[ANNUAL REPORT-2015] The Smallholder Plantations Entrepreneurship Development Programme (SPEnDP)



Smallholder Plantations Entrepreneurship Development Programme (SPEnDP) was formulated by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and executed by the Ministry of Plantation Industries. It was implemented as two separate sub programmes viz. Mid country Tea Out-growers Development Programme and Monaragala Rubber Smallholders Development Programme. Total targeted households in Mid country and Monaragala is 9,600 and 10,000 respectively. They are the immediate prospective beneficiaries of this programme and actions have been taken to encourage them to undertake tea planting in 250 hectares in Mid country region and rubber planting in 5,000 hectares in Monaragala district.

The total cost of the project is US$ 29.226 Mn. and this includes the funds from IFAD, GOSL, Beneficiaries, and Participatory Financial Institutions (PFIs). US$ 1 = 121.5 LKR is applied for the conversion of the budget allocation (US$ 22.875) of the foreign aid component (IFAD). US$ 1 = 102.04 LKR is applied for conversion of the Government commitment (US$ 3.763 Mn), Participatory Financial Institutions Contributions (US$. 0.975 Mn.) and Beneficiary contribution (US$ 1.015 Mn.) on the basis that the commitment in Local currency remain unchanged.

The IFAD Loan No. 712 became effective on November 06, 2007 and the project implementation was commenced in January 2008. The programme completion is on December 2016 and the loan closing is 6 months after completion. The National Programme Coordinating Unit (NPCU) in Colombo, Mid-country subprogramme
Management Unit (SPMU) in Gampola, and Moneragala SPMU in Moneragala implement SPEnDP. The project has five common development components for both mid-country and Monaragala subprogrammes. The project components are complementing each other and they are interrelated, integrated in fulfilling all development objectives of the entire SPEnDP.

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