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The Evaluation Conclave

Kathmandu, Nepal
Sandip Pattanayak - Catalyst Management Services

The Theme of the Second Conclave is “Evaluation for Development” emphasizing that evaluation should ultimately make a difference in the lives of people. Evaluation is particularly critical in the context of South Asia, home to complex social structures, high rates of poverty, gender discrimination, dynamic forces of globalization sweeping traditional societies and numerous development projects for the large populations of this region. Innovative evaluation approaches and practices are particularly important in such complex contexts. Though our focus is on the situation in South Asia, we will include broader experiences where comparative learning and lessons are offered. There are many reasons for which evaluations are commissioned – for accountability, for learning, to understand what works and what doesn’t, for utilization and influence.  These are not mutually exclusive and indicate the varied potential uses and value of evaluation. The theme ‘Evaluation for Development’ hopes to draw out and share innovations in methods, approaches, capacity building and use with a special focus on the participation of civil society, local institutions and persons who are affected by the various projects being evaluated. The Conclave hopes to provide a platform and encourages South Asian evaluators as well as others to share and learn from each other and contribute to evaluation field building in the region.

Who is Attending?

Over 400 global thinkers, government representatives, policy makers, donors, commissioners, members from evaluation associations, academicians, students and individual development as well as evaluation practitioners are expected to converge at the four-day event.


As part of the Conclave, panels, workshops, coffee shop presentations, and networking events are being organized to facilitate discussion and knowledge sharing.

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