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First Global Indigenous Peoples Forum, 11-12 February

IFAD, Rome, Italy

The first global Indigenous Peoples Forum is being held at IFAD Headquarters in Rome, on February 11&12th.  This event is part of IFAD's ongoing commitment to support indigenous people, as reflected in the corporate IFAD policy on engagement with indigenous people.

There were three regional workshops in preparation for this inaugural global meeting.  At the Asia&Pacific regional workshop there were presentations from Papua New Guinea, and from the Solomon Islands, both discussing the results of the IFAD projects funded under the Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility.

There was a tsunami in the Solomon Islands on 6 February 2013, Cyclone Evan struck Samoa on December 13th, 2012 (see the discussion related to these natural disasters:  Solomon Islands and Samoa).  The issues realted to natural resource management by by indigenous people that are being discussed at the Forum relate to many of the issues that are relevant to development and poverty-alleviation in the Pacific Island countries, including natural disaster mitigation.


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