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RDP Joint Donor Review and Implementation Support Mission, May 2013

Honiara, Makira, Isabel
Erik Johnson

A Joint Donor Review and Implemnetaiton Support mission, taking place 29 April - 9 May.  The terms of reference and team members for the mission are as below:

A joint donor mission comprising Erik Johnson (TTL, Senior Operations Officer), Ruth Alsop (Component 1 WB consultant), William Cuddihy (Component 2 WB consultant), Jinan Shi (Senior Procurement Specialist), Chase Palmeri (IFAD), Luke Simmons (AusAID), and Judith Tarailopo (AusAID), will conduct a mission in Solomon Islands April 29 - May 10, 2013. The mission will travel to the field in two separate groups, one going to Isabel Province and the other going to Makira Province.

RDP has three main components: (a) improving the delivery of small scale infrastructure, (b) agricultural services in rural areas, and (c) rural business development.

There are two main objectives of this mission. First, the mission will review implementation progress of the RDP since the last joint review mission held in November 2012 and provide support as needed to the executing agency to continue its implementation of the program. Secondly, the mission will review government’s plans for the use of additional financing and begin the process of preparing documentation for securing funds from the World Bank and AusAID.

The mission will work closely with the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) in MDPAC to:

· Review progress on actions agreed during the tenth joint review mission;
· Review the 2012 financial report and 1st quarter 2013 IFR;
· Assess the status of government funding and the implications this has on the provision of additional financing;
· Review work plan and estimated budget for additional financing and a one-year extension and provide feedback in advance of appraisal;
· Review sub-project completion rates and advise on steps to increase the speed of sub-project completion;
· Review reports generated by the MIS systems and advise on improvements in the system, including the generation and use of reports;
· Review plans for the upcoming impact evaluation and provide guidance regarding the methodology and instruments;
· Assess the status of reporting on Component 2, and update the Results Monitoring table and relevant sections of the ISR;
· Review and provide feedback on the draft evaluation report on Component 3 and advise on any follow-up as needed;
· Review the support by relevant government authorities at the national and provincial levels to enhance the implementation of the program.

The mission will hold meetings in Honiara with key government agencies and stakeholders. The mission and members from the PCU and other government agencies will also travel to Isabel and Makira Provinces. Findings and agreements reached during the mission will be presented at a wrap-up meeting to be chaired by MDPAC towards the end of the mission.

The individual members of the mission team will be responsible for:

· Erik Johnson, World Bank – will lead the overall mission, in particular discussions regarding the budget and financial situation and preparation for additional financing. He will also lead the team visiting Isabel, as well as mission’s presentation at the wrap-up meeting and coordinate preparation of the Aide Memoire.
· Ruth Alsop, World Bank – will lead discussions regarding the status of Component 1; gather data to update the relevant C1 results indicators; assist in finalizing C1 related indicators and contribute to C1 aspects of the the Additional Financing Project Paper; assess the quality of the budget for C1 through November 2014; and evaluate the status of, and update the Subproject Completion Report; and specify actions that can be taken to speed up subproject completion.
· Bill Cuddihy, World Bank – will lead discussions regarding the status of Component 2; gather data to update the relevant C2 results indicators; assist in finalizing C2 related indicators and contribute to C1 aspects of the Additional Financing Project Paper; assess the quality of the budget for C2 through November 2014 (including implications in the case of a SIG funding shortfall); and assess the status of the institutional review, MAL buildings, and other C2 activities. He will also lead the field visit to Makira.
· Jinan Shi, World Bank – will conduct a one-day Procurement Post-Review, and contribute ideas on simplifying and speeding up procurement for sub-projects based on experience with CDD projects elsewhere.
· Chase Palmeri, IFAD – will facilitate discussion on the Component 3 evaluation; contribute to discussions with MAL regarding agriculture studies in preparation of an RDP follow-on project as well as a possible proposal to the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program.
· Luke Simmons, AusAID – will participate in the overall mission; lead the assessment of a C3 SEF grant in Makira; contribute, in particular to the discussion on the current funding situation and budget, advising with regards to any implications for AusAID funding; take the lead in assessing the C1 activities as part of the  Makira visit team, and contribute to high-level meetings with ministries as well as the wrap-up meeting.
· Judy Tarailopo, AusAID – will join the Isabel visit team and contribute to the preparation of findings and recommendations resulting from the field visit on components 1, 2 and 3.

The mission will prepare a draft Aide Memoire prior to its departure for discussion with Government at a wrap-up meeting chaired by MDPAC. Upon completion of the mission an Implementation Status Report will be prepared by the task team and the Aide Memoire will be finalized in consultation with the World Bank management.

While the Bank does not normally publish the Aide Memoire associated with its Joint Reviews, you can access the Implementation Status Report that was issued subsequent to the Review by clicking here.

Posted on 11/13/13 10:07 AM.


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