The current framework for development collaboration with Solomon Islands is the 2004 Sub-regional Strategic Opportunities Paper for the Pacific Islands.  Collaboration with Solomon Islands under the strategy has introduced development innovations in selected poor rural communities throughout the Pacific Island countries. These include parts of Melanesian countries and the remote outer islands of Polynesian and Micronesian countries, all of which show increasing hardship for rural poor people. The development of agriculture and rural sectors in the outer islands has become a cornerstone of IFAD's strategy in Pacific Islands Countries.  

Ongoing Projects

The RDP supports small, low-cost/high-social-benefit investments in infrastructure, agricultural services and capacity-building in rural areas. The main direct expected benefits include: (i) cost-effective rehabilitation and construction of rural public infrastructure through subprojects in all nine provinces, (ii) increased agricultural and livestock productivity and marketing, and (iii) private investments with demonstrated externalities in rural areas such as employment creation, innovation or demonstration effects and improvement in the financial literacy of local small and medium-sized enterprises.

More information about the RDP project may be found at Rural Development Programme, documents.

History of IFAD's work in Solomon Islands

IFAD’s work to address issues of rural poverty directly impacts hunger and poverty, and also improves local capacity by increasing coping skills.  Since 1983 IFAD has supported 2 projects in Solomon Islands, with a Total Project Cost of $14.23 million, of which loans total US$7.05 million. [more] Solomon Islands has also been included in a regional grant programme for the Pacific Island Countries.

Completed Projects

Country-level investment projects financed by IFAD in Solomon Islands:

  • Rural Financial Services Project

  • Rural Services Project

  • Mangrove Rehabilitation for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Regional IFAD-financed programmes for several countries, including Solomon Islands:

  • Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods Programme (FSSLP/FAO-1180)  [more]
  • KS-Asia: Programme for Development of Knowledge Sharing Skills (FAO-1179)  [more]
  • Mainstreaming Rural Development Innovations Programme in the Pacific (MORDI)  [more]
  • Programme for Accelerating the Financial Empowerment of Poor Rural Communities in Asia and the Pacific through Rural Finance Innovations (APRACA/FINPOWER)  [more]
  • Programme for Knowledge Networking for Rural Development in Asia/Pacific Region (ENRAP3)  [more]

Solomon Island Development, and Project Beneficiaries

As may be seen in IFAD's Rural Sector Performance Assessment (RSP), entitled "Investing in the Rural Poor - Solomon Islands", the country faces a multiplicity of challenges especially in the light of the longterm civil unrest.

For the SIRDP project, as mentioned in the IFAD President's report,
The RDP is a nationwide programme and will eventually cover all provinces. The programme is expected to reach 70 per cent of the rural population or about 60 percent of the total population. Approximately 300,000 people or 60,000 rural households are expected to benefit from improved access to local infrastructure and services, agricultural support services and rural business development, including financial services.  


The RDP is designed to support the implementation of key priorities identified under the Solomon Islands Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy (ARDS).  It is also in harmony with the May 2006  Policy  Framework Document.

Overall program coordination and implementation responsibility is with MDPAC (Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination) guided by a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is a continuation of  the one which guided the preparation of  RDP and comprises the Permanent Secretaries in Finance and Treasury;  Agriculture and Livestock; Infrastructure Development;  Provincial  Government and  Rural  Development; Development Planning and  Aid  Coordination and  Provincial  Secretaries  (representing  participating provinces). 


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