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Our School Garden - a guide to organic school gardening in Fiji

Author: ACATA Trust Fiji


In an attempt to address this health crisis, there is a global consensus that the focus should be on

prevention rather than cure. Schools have been identified as one of the most cost-effective

settings for running health promotion programs designed to prevent key risk factors responsible

for non-communicable diseases, principally poor nutrition, physical inactivity, smoking, and

irresponsible alcohol consumption.

One health promotion initiative being introduced throughout schools in Fiji is school gardening.

School gardens provide students with the knowledge, skills and opportunity to grow and eat fresh

fruits and vegetables, whilst also promoting physical activity. It is hoped that by encouraging these

behaviours early in life, students will adopt healthy attitudes and behaviours that will

continue into adulthood.

This handbook is designed to be a resource for primary school teachers and aims to provide

simple, relevant and practical information on gardening to inform their theoretical and practical

instruction of students.

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Development Themes: Youth Community Based Development Food Security & Nutrition Agriculture
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