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Youth in Agriculture - is the tide turning?

I heard an interesting interview yesterday on Radio Australia’s “Bush Telegraph” programme. After years of declining enrolments in agriculture courses at university level in the last 2 years enrolments are rising in Australian Universities– between 15 – 20 per cent this year!

There is an interview with a young ag student and it was very interesting to hear his motivations – something for us to think about when we are working to engage young people in the organic movement – it aligns beautifully with our goals.

You can read an intro and listen to the programme at the link below.

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Dear Karen, Other media sources are picking up on new trends of young people in food and agriculture also. Today I saw this article entitled, These 10 Young People Are Changing Food Systems in Huge Ways in the Huffington Post that was interesting.

Posted on 8/5/14 8:18 AM.


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