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Report of the FAO Regional Workshop on Improved Agricultural Marketing

Author: FAO, Heiko Bammann


This 63-page report, in .pdf format, was published in September 1999 by the FAO sub-regional office in the Pacific.

The report includes ten comprehensive recommendations.

As is stated in the Preface,
As a first step towards addressing the topic of agricultural marketing, FAO commissioned a series of country papers of the seven FAO member countries in the sub-region, to look into preconditions for sustainable success for both domestic and export marketing of agriculture products. The analysis of the country papers formed the basis for the workshop.

During the workshop three major topic areas were covered.

·         It was discussed how to overcome constraints to efficient marketing by focusing more attention on the provision of marketing extension services, timely market information and adequate market infrastructure.

·         The requirements for export market development were reviewed with regard to quarantine, effective post-harvest handling, and the opportunities and threats Pacific Island States are facing on international markets.

·         An effort was made not only to focus on marketing issues but also to be aware of the supply capacity of the agricultural sector. Therefore, how to promote the development of sustainable market-oriented production systems, by way of overcoming socio-economic constraints and furthering production skills and capacity building, was also discussed.

The workshop brought together the authors of country papers and case studies, senior officers from marketing related units of ministries of agriculture and/or trade and commerce, private sector representatives and representatives of regional organisations and institutes. The workshop’s Recommendations on how to improve agricultural marketing in the Pacific reflect this broad perspective by giving pragmatic and practical solutions to the challenges presented.  

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