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First Pacific Fairtrade Certified cocoa supply chain launched

Display Date: 5/9/14

Club 3000, a group of 629 cocoa farmers in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG) have received the Fairtrade certification from Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand last week. Club 3000’s first shipment of Fairtrade Certified cocoa will be used for Cadbury Dairy Milk in Australia and New Zealand.

These farmers are spread over 275 kilometres and six remote communities in the central coastline province, where reaching schools and aid posts takes half a day on foot, and access to clean drinking water is a 30 minute trek through mountainous terrain. Club 3000’s Fairtrade certification means that the farmer group meets Fairtrade Standards for participation, transparency, and environmental and social performance.

This month, Club 3000’s inaugural shipment of Fairtrade Certified cocoa is bound for Australia, to be used for Cadbury Dairy Milk across Australia and New Zealand. Despite their challenges, Club 3000 farmers have a passion for growing cocoa. Thanks to their partnership with Monpi Cocoa Exports of Madang, who founded the group in 2011, they are improving their quality and productivity, learning better business skills, and are now able to sell their cocoa to the international Fairtrade market.

Club 3000 has a long-term capacity building partnership with Fairtrade, with support from Fairtrade ANZ’s Producer Development Fund through the New Zealand Aid Programme. It plans to produce 120 metric tonnes of Fairtrade Certified cocoa in 2014, which will generate US $24,000 in Fairtrade Premium to be used for economic, social and environmental development projects to benefit the farmers, their families and their communities

Fairtrade is a market-based development mechanism with demand driven via the Fairtrade Mark.  More than six million people – farmers, producers, workers and their families – from 70 countries benefit from the independent Fairtrade system


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