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Completing Land Distribution and Building Family Farmers’ Cooperative Enterprises



KLMPE 2016 Brief


Agrarian reform is at the heart of social justice to correct centuries of injustice, oppression and neglect of poor landless women and men family farmers. The 26-year Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) is currently at limbo pending the enactment of a law that will complete the redistribution of all remaining haciendas and private agricultural lands. Decisive action is needed to ensure the immediate passage of the CARPER Extension Bill, create a high-level independent Commission to review and audit the performance of CARP, and conduct a participatory review of the Department of Agrarian Reform’s ARCESS program.

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Language:  English (United States)
Development Themes: Agriculture Natural Resource Management Policy Analysis
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10th Knowledge Learning Market Policy Engagement- 2016
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