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KLMPE 2015 Media Encounter


The images evoke a lot of impressions depending on how you imagine things, and how you appreciate the work of others, in this case the media, as your partner in expressing yourself, your causes and quests to the public.

At the KLMPE, one thing is certain in the experiences of both parties in this endeavour. How both sides respect each other is notable. They have a considerable notion of what are important in this impending exchange.


The public is of paramount importance, so is what one says and how it is said. It has taught me this is also essentially important when handling information and knowledge as not to be condescending but respectful of its handlers and users all the time.


At the KLMPE, both sides recognize the grave importance of the advocacy of the panel of speakers. The actions undertaken and ultimately their messages in relation to their advocacy are given due importance and consideration by the invited media who were engaged as part of the KLMPE throughout the years. In effect the media are able to report the causes espoused with objectivity and understanding. I believe this is how partnership in development endeavours with the media should be viewed and handled.


The process informs and advises on the progress of this dialogue, say the fencing with ideas and words that often follow such pursuits. It contributes to a continuing and well meaning engagement.


In fencing, among friends or real combatants who love the art, the objective has always been to discover and thus to bring out the best thrust, defense tactics and winning fighting style. It is good for those who must use the art and those who appreciate what it is in their lives.

Until the next KLMPE folks. The best success stories under very challenging conditions are yet to be discovered.and shared along with the successes, challenges and lessons learned in pursuing this year's action agenda.



Robert L. Domoguen
BSWM, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City,
November 26, 2015

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