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Philippines New CPM on projects’ visibility and documentation

“Where do we find the legacy of our projects?”

It is one of the questions asked when Mr. Benoit Thierry, the new IFAD Philippines Country Programme Manager, opened the second day of the IFAD-PH Annual Country Programme Review. With the projects as part of Country Strategic Opportunities Programme (COSOP), it needs to be visible and be bridged to each other. And even when a project ends, its ‘legacy’ should not be a lost cause.

He further elaborated, with the help of a three-level pyramid concept diagram, that the communication and documentation of the projects should be visible. The lowest level of the pyramid would be on regard to the fiduciary manual, the second level on the project planning documentation which includes implementation and monitoring and evaluation manuals, annual reports, as such. Lastly, at the top-most level is on the knowledge management.

 “In this knowledge management level, we bring the techniques of the village,” Mr. Thierry added.”  He encourages the project members to also focus on this level. The projects can also be able to share its legacy through this kind of documentation such as capturing the experiences, lessons learned, and good practices. of a pyramid-like concept diagram with three levelsmm

In relation to the public documents’ visibility, IFAD maintains its website wherein it serves as an e-library of information, especially on the updates of each projects. Likewise, the goal should include a government counterpart visibility of these documentations.  The new CPM encourages having these public documents available on the project’s respective website. With this age of wide internet usage, online presence can reach a wider audience.

Mr. Thierry likewise applauds the PH projects for its good documentation but still encourages for further enhancement.

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