South Punjab Poverty Alleviation Project (SPPAP)- Full Documentary.EN
Souther Punjab Poverty Alleviation Project (SPPAP)- Making poverty history in Pakistan. Consistent effort, wise decisions, and strong actions are making poverty alleviation dream a reality.
AJKCDP - microcredit
In the mountainous terrain of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan, it isn't easy to start a small business. But when a community pools their money together and manages their own micro-credit loans, there are astonishing results. These three stories show how community credit allows poor people to lift each other out of poverty.
Changing Attitudes
The people from the remote Diamer District in northern Pakistan have always been conservative, religious and suspicious of outsiders. A few years ago, there was only 9% literacy, women couldn't earn their own incomes and people were open to extremist ideas. Now all that has changed. Although it was initially violently resisted, a poverty alleviation project initiated by the UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), has now changed people's attitudes, making them resist extremist ideologies.
Working with the private sector to deliver micro health insurance in Pakistan
Asher Hasan of Naya Jeevan explains how his organisation delivers micro-healt insurance to low income beneficiaries in Pakistan and some of the challenges that they face.
Closing Ceremony FAO (Technical supporter AJK CDP)
Food and Agriculture organization of United Nation (FAO) is technical supporter for IFAD funded AJK Community Development Program (2004-2007). Now AJKCDP is near to its completion and FAO component closed on 15 September, 2011. Here is a short video regarding closing ceremony of FAO. (Abdul Qayyum Abbasi)
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