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Strengthening Farmers Organizations, Developing Sustainable Business Models and Public Private Partnership in Agriculture”

Display Date: 1/21/14

Quang Binh and Ha Tinh Provinces, 21-27 July 2013



The Learning Route “Strengthening Farmers Organizations, Developing Sustainable Business Models and Public Private Partnership in Agriculture” addresses the innovative experiences in the Decentralized Programme for Rural Poverty Reduction in Quang Binh (DPRPR) and the Improving Market Participation of the Poor in Ha Tinh (IMPP), in the frame of IFAD interventions in Vietnam.

During the last phase of their implementation, both DPRPR and IMPP have been developing decentralized and participatory bottom-up approaches and strategies that demonstrated to be successful in reducing rural poverty and strengthening grassroots organizations. Their strategy included: capacity building for decentralization for poverty reduction; participatory and bottom up approaches for action planning and gender mainstreaming; diversification of incomes for poor households, women, youth and ethnic minorities, among others. Currently, both Programmes are entering on a new implementation phase that will build upon the best practices and innovations, successful strategies and approaches developed during the previous ones.

In this framework, the LR will analyse the good practices and innovations of DPRPR and IMPP Programmes in the promotion of decentralized operations, stakeholders’ participation, pro rural poor PPP and inclusive businesses. In order to learn from these good practices, the LR will visit 3 successful models in the provinces of Quang Binh and Ha Tinh (2 collective and 1 individual model).

These experiences are demonstrating success in generating new opportunities for rural women and men to develop and diversify their livelihoods, increasing market access and participation, strengthening networking and establishing pro-rural poor Private and Public Partnerships and in empowerment and mainstreaming gender.

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