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Organic Cicia: A Project to Grow Our Islands
Cicia Island in Fiji’s Lau Group is one of the first fully organic islands in the Pacific. This short film documents the start of development of an organic participatory guarantee system which will assist local farmers provide the guarantee that consumers want that what they buy is truly organic. The film also shows how the whole community has embraced the concept to secure the future of the island – its environment, people and livelihoods. This project is supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD), Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom).
India Fishing for Freedom
For most of their lives, every one of the 1200 fishermen in this village in the south of India described themselves as slaves. They were in debt to money-lenders and a corrupt system ensured that they could never pay off what they owed. It was only when they formed a group that they could work together to secure their freedom.

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