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Establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Atoll Agricultural Research and Development in the Pacific

Author: IFAD


The document is the "2007 Grants under the global/regional and country-specific grant windows approved by the (IFAD) President"

Reference to the project "Establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Atoll Agricultural Research and Development in the Pacific" may be found on page 10.  The benefitting institution is the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Land Resources Division.

The scope of the grant is:
"This initiative of establishing a centre of excellence is the first of its kind in the Pacific and the first to be endorsed by the heads of agriculture and forestry of the Pacific Region. The centre will provide a focal point for the Pacific scientific community to produce technologies that will help farmers on atolls improve their productivity and income and increase their market opportunities. The centre will allow the scientific community to support activities by national, regional and international agencies as they address agriculture-related issues of the highest priority in alleviating poverty and promoting development in the atolls. The beneficiaries will be farmers, women, youth in remote atolls of Kiribati and other IFAD Member States in the Pacific Region. All activities will involve full participation and ownership by the farmers. The programme will address issues of health and nutrition by promoting local produce and reviving traditional food. The programme will also study the production of market-oriented crops. In addition it will promote gender equity and involvement of women and youth in agricultural and fisheries production."


Language:  English (United Kingdom)
Development Themes: Climate Change & Environment Agriculture
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