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IFAD team in Kiribati for Outer Island Food Project design

Display Date: 7/11/13

An IFAD team composed of Mr Tony Ryan (Team Leader), Ms Blanca Amado (Economist), Ms Monica Romano (Sociologist) and Mr Manase Biusaya (Water Specialist) arrived in Tarawa today to undertake the design of the Outer Island Food Project.  

As part of our knowledge maangement and partnerships efforts in the IFAD Pacific programme, Mr Soane Patolo, the Project Manager of the on-going IFAD-funded Tonga Rural Innovations Project and Mr Richard Markham, ACIAR Research Program Manager for Pacific Crops have joined as advisors to the team. Representing IFAD is Mr Sakiusa Tubuna, IFAD Sub-regional Coordinator, based in Suva.

The work of the team is in follow up to visits in December 2012 by Mr Sean Ryan, IFAD Technical Advisor and in March 2013 by Tony Ryan to develop the country programme with Kiribati through IFAD's first financing directly to the country outside of a regional programme. 

The team will be working in Kiribati 11-31 July with the Ministry of Environment, Agricultural and Lands as well as government partners from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Public Works, the Office of the President and others. The team will visit the outer islands of Abaiang, Abemama, Tabiteuea North and Beru. 

The proposed project, to be financed by IFAD for an amount of approximately USD 3 million is expected to focus on improving food and nutrition in the outer islands through community-led planning and activities. It will have a special focus on young people.

To learn more, please see the IFAD project Concept Note and the terms of reference here.


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