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IFAD Draft SRESOP Presented at FAO Regional Workshop

Display Date: 12/12/12

The draft IFAD Strategic Opportunities Programme (SRESOP) 2013-18 was presented at the Regional Validation Workshop for the Pacific Multi –Country Programming Framework (CPF) 2013 -2017 held at Nadi, Fiji last week.  The workshop was attended by 40 representatives from 14 Pacific Island countries and representatives of regional agencies.

The primary objective of the workshop was to share the draft CPF document with country and regional partners and gain consensus towards finalizing the document as the framework for FAO assistance to its 14 Members in the Pacific sub-region for the period 2013-2017.

FAO has been undertaking reforms to its country support and the CPF is central to this process. It signals FAOs commitment to support country led national development priorities in areas where it has comparative strengths and where it compliments and coordinates with other development partner assistance. The ongoing FAO reform focuses on results-based management and within this context greater attention is being given to strategic programming at country level and to harmonization and synchronization with the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)  which will be also implemented from  2013-2017.

This Country Programming Framework is required by all countries receiving FAO support and any future assistance to the countries has to be based on the CPF. The CPF was derived after extensive consultations have taken place across the sub-region to develop the CPF country chapters.

The Pacific CPF focusses on four priority focus areas and these are:

(a)Evidence-Based Policy and Strategic Planning;

 (b)Food and Nutrition Security Resilient to the Impacts of Disasters and Climate Change;

(c)Value/Supply Chain Efficiency and Market Linkages;

(d)Environmental Management and Resilience.

Approximately US$40m has been earmarked by FAO to implement the CPF from 2013-17 in all the 14 Pacific Island countries.


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