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Grant to Vanuatu for Post-cyclone Recovery in Agriculture

Display Date: 6/10/15

A grant of USD 500 000 has been provided by the IFAD​ to the Republic of Vanuatu to assist in the agricultural recovery from Tropical Cyclone Pam that struck in March of 2015.

As part of a larger IFAD strategy to deepen its engagement in post-crisis situations, the objective of the grant, titled Post Cyclone Rapid Recovery in Agricultural Production is to help women and men from rural communities affected by the cyclone, to re-attain food self-sufficiency to pre-cyclone levels, to build self-reliance, and resilience.

Main outputs of the project are to:

1. re-start crop and livestock activities to secure minimum food needs

2. re-start fishing activities for food self-sufficiency

3. utilize windfall timber for rehabilitation and reconstruction while re-planting new tree crops

The project will also have a lesson learning and knowledge management aspect, with an expected experience exchange session which aims to share knowledge of how best to supply agricultural inputs and achieve resilience as learned from the project itself. This exchange will be to the benefit of other Melanesian countries who could learn from the Vanuatu experience.

The grant, made to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, (MFEM) will be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry Fisheries and Birosecurity, (MALFFB).  It was based on the early requests from MALFFB using the Ministry proposals outlined in the Medium to Long Term Re covery Plan produced by the Food Security and Livelihoods Cluster in April just after the cyclone struck.

Until this time, IFAD fianancing of activities in Vanuatu has taken place in the form of support to the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom) through the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, and through the Pacific Islands Farmer Organisations Network, (PIFON). With this grant, IFAD has been able to begin support for a country programme in Vanuatu that will be expanded with the devleopment of financing for an investment programme to benefit rural people in the country that is planned by 2016. 


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