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Transforming Knowledge among IFAD Project in Asia Pacific

Project for Agriculture Development and Economic Empowerment (PADEE) Project, Cambodia 14 member team representing Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries (MAFF), Ministry of Women and Economic Empowerment and SNV Cambodia visited High Value Agriculture Project (HVAP), an project executed by MoAD in partnership with AEC and SNV Nepal from 15-22 November 2015. The purpose of the visit was to

·         To better understand real practice of the cluster approach and particular methods for achieving VCD around vegetables and small livestock

·         To discuss and learn from the challenges encountered in HVAP

·         To see best practices market-demand led training materials and services

·         To attend a Multi-Stakeholder Platform and learn facilitation techniques

During the visit, the team visited various group /cooperatives and Agribusiness along the Project three road corridors of Surkhet districts working on vegetables, Ginger and Timur Value chain as follows:

·         Organic Mountain Flavour, Chhinchu, Kalidamar, a JV company involving Local, National and International Company for organic Ginger Export

·         Jagriti Multipurpose Cooperative owned Organic Ginger Production area at Lekhphrasa,

·         Timur Satellite Nursery managed Bhairam Community Forest User Group under public  Private Partnership approach,

·         Hariyo Hira Agri and NTFPS Cooperative at Uttarganga for Collection centre, Service Provision to members and Business Literacy Class

·         Milijuli Vegetable Producers Group, Pokharaikanda Surkhet Collection centre, and e-Agriculture services

·         Bulbule Regional Agrculture Market Centre, Surkhet

·         Interaction with Project Stakeholders /Partners :District Chambers of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), Regional Agriculture Directorate(RAD) on their Role in Strengthening Value chain services

. The team observed the activities conducted by the group/cooperatives & Agribusiness /company and had interaction for in-depth understanding and learnings. Besides above the team were shared on HVAP approaches and tools in facilitating value chain development activities; project clustering and targeting approach and more importantly challenges and lesson learned during the course of project implementation following Value Chain Development and Inclusive Business (VCD-IB) approach.

Most importantly, the team had an opportunity to participate in Multistakeholders Platform on Vegetable Value chain, During the MSP, the team had experience Story telling from Farmers for knowledge dissemination, and learn and observe Business to Business Linkages and Business to Services linkages besides vertical brokering mechanisms among the actors. On the MSP, they not only interacted with various stakeholders (producers, traders and service providers) but also shared their learning and experiences to HVAP project beneficiaries.

While asking to the PADEE Project Leader Mr. Khem Ponna about their team observations and lesson learned from the HVAP project, “best efforts and achievements made by HVAP particularly on business to business and business to service development between farmer producers and traders, collective marketing, inclusiveness and empowerment of women, dalit and indigenous group throughout the chain and private sector development in agribusiness were their major learning” as he says.

Prior to reach Surkhet, the PADEE team visited Honourable Secretary Mr. Uttam Kumar Bhattarai, Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD) along with other high level representatives from the ministry. On that meeting, the visit team were updated by the ministry on the context and current issues on agriculture development, policies and priorities and future strategies for overall growth and prosperity in agriculture sector in Nepal. Moreover, PADEE team also visited representatives from Agro Enterprise Center (AEC) of FNCCI at Kathmandu.

The PADEE team spent 4 days (17-20 Nov.2015)  at HVAP project areas in Surkhet where HVAP Project Manager Mr. Rajendra Prasad Bhari and the team did welcome and farewell. The both projects, PADEE and HVAP is being supported from “International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) .

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