The Young Professional Programme (YPP)
RMLSP programme finances “Young Professional Programme” (YPP), which allow young, national technical professionals recently graduated from agriculture universities to work with the RMLSP for a minimum of two years in order to acquire a practice-oriented, first work experience. The benefits of the program are  mutual: the young graduates while get field exposure and concrete work...
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Pass on the Gift Policy
Dairy Goat project is a sub-component under RMLSP.  The project objective is to provide poor rural households, especially women, with the skills, knowledge and initial inputs they require in order to engage in profitable dairy goat and forage production to increase their income and improve the nutritional status of their families. The programme focuses on disseminating technological...
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Developing Pro-poor Agricultural Value Chains
Are you working on Pro-poor Agricultural Value Chains?  Then you might want to hear what people are saying in India on the Solution Exchange.  The Solution Exchange is a UN-sponsored online space where development professionals with similar interests connect to share knowledge. It started in India, where the value chain discussion is going on within the Food and Nutrition...
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IFADAsia: Building our community through ratings & comments
You may have noticed that with each type of user-created content in IFADAsia, we tell you how many comments have been made about it, and also display the star rating. I just wanted to add a few words about why this is there, why it's important, and how useful it can become for our community.   Undoubtedly social media has many benefits - it's democratic, cheap and makes communication...
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First time on the IFADAsia portal
I have just now received training in how to enter and access the portal.  This is my first blog, so bare with me.  I think that the portal will be terrific;  putting the Asia Region of IFAD ahead, again.  Please use it, and let's communicate. Kevin
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