A new Sub-regional Strategic Opportunities Paper for the Pacific Islands, being formulated September 2012 through March 2013, is scheduled for submission to the IFAD executive Board in September 2013.  It will cover IFAD activities in the Pacific Islands for the period 2013-2018.

This will replace the current framework for development collaboration, the 2004 Sub-regional Strategic Opportunities Paper for the Pacific Islands. Collaboration under the 2004 IFAD subregional strategy has introduced development innovations in selected poor rural communities throughout the Pacific Island countries. These include parts of Melanesian countries and the remote outer islands of Polynesian and Micronesian countries, all of which show increasing hardship for rural poor people. The development of agriculture and rural sectors in the outer islands has become a cornerstone ofIFAD's strategy in Pacific Islands Countries.  The IFAD Pacific Islands programme has distinguished itself through excellent work in community empowerment in the outer islands.

IFAD has undertaken recent multi-sectoral analyses entitled “IFAD Rural Sector Performance Assessment (RSP) – Investing in the Rural Poor.”  These are available for Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, and Tonga.


Ongoing Country and Regional Projects


History of IFAD's work in the Pacific Islands

IFAD’s work to address issues of rural poverty directly impacts hunger and poverty, and also improves local capacity by increasing coping skills.  Between 1981-1993 IFAD made ten loans to Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands & Tonga.  During the decade 1993-2003 there were no new projects. Then in 2004, the approval of the current Sub-Regional Strategy Development paved the way for a series of Country-specific and Regional Projects.

These projects included Loans and Grants, and sometimes co-funding with other institutions.  The design and implementation was undertaken with various national-level and regional organisations.

The Key Targets in IFAD’s Pacific Island programme have been Outer Islands and Youth.  The Key Themes have been Food Production, Food Commercialisation, and Community-Level Institutions for Planning and Investment.  Other areas of work have included Atolls Agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade, Women in Markets, and Networking Farmer Organisations.

It is anticipated that the schedule for pipeline projects is:  Fiji and Kiribati (2013), Solomon Islands (2014), Fiji (2015), Samoa (2016), Tonga (2017).


Completed Country and Regional Projects


Results & Impacts

The current level of IFAD financing committed in the Pacific is USD 25 million.

The experiences with the various projects targeted to alleviate poverty in rural areas in the Pacific Island countries has informed the new Sub-regional Strategy, which is scheduled for submission to the IFAD executive Board in September 2013.  These have included lessening the disparities between the outer and the main islands by developing agricultural and marine resources, and demonstrating that micro-credit can significantly improve the living standards of the rural poor.  They have also shown the successes of local capacity-building.



The projects and programmes are executed in collaboration with partners, including:


Technical Assistance

Policy Dialogue


Further Information about the Pacific Island Countries



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