Top Grafting for fruit production in Nepal
Top Grafting on Pyrus pyrustar with Pyrus communis, which will produce fruits, training for grafting.
Lalmati is drawaing milk from a cow in the western Nepla
Women are rearing cows for income generation; it was possible through Leashold Forestry and Livestock Programme by IFAD fund and Nepal Government.
A women of LFUG in Nepal making curd and ghee from butter by traditional methods
The women is generating income through livestock farming and milking in the western Nepal.
Bamboo farming form the poorest people
Leasehold Forestry and Livestock Programme has supported to farm bamboo on their allocated plot. The collection of video is from Mr. H. C. Singh, Hub officer, TA to LFLP Dadeldhura.
Women caring and collecting milk a case of success in Nepal ( Mrs. Laxmu case in western Nepal)
LFUG members moving toward cow rearing, spreading & producing improve variety of fodder and forage in leasehold forest as well as in private land.19 cows have been bought and reared in Alital-8 Seri and LFUGs looking for milk collection & chilling center to sell their milk. Credit goes to Mr. Harishchandra Singh, Hub officer, Dadeldhura
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