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First MTCP2 SIS Mission to be held

Display Date: 9/29/14

First MTCP2 SIS Mission to be held

The first full Supervision and Implementation Support (SIS) Mission for selected countries participating in the Medium Term Cooperation Programme (MTCP) with Farmers’ Organisations (FOs) in Asia and the Pacific Region – Phase 2 (MTCP2) will be held in October 2014.

The mission hopes to critically review the status of program implementation with the end in mind of providing feedback/recommendations towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the program in the service of the small-scale farmers in Asia-Pacific region.

In Southeast Asia, the SIS Mission schedule in each country will be as follows:

  • China: October 11-12
  • Indonesia: October 5-7
  • Cambodia: October 9-11
  • Philippines: October 9-10
  • Laos: October 13-15
  • Vietnam: October 17

In South Asia, the schedule will be as follows:

  • India: October 7-9
  • Bangladesh: October 10-12
  • Nepal: October 13-16

Representatives from FOs in the Pacific will be interviewed in Vietnam on October 17.

The core supervision team will be composed of a Team Leader (focusing on the overall program implementation assessment and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) issues), a Financial Management Expert (focusing on financial management related issues) and a Farmers’ Organizations’ Specialist (focusing on the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of FOs at all levels in implementing their activities and on knowledge management (KM) issues).

Staff from the Regional Implementation Agency (RIA) will accompany the supervision team during the visit in SRIAs or NIAs. In countries, representative/s of some SRIAs and NIAs will also join the mission as part of the team.

Representatives of Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and European Union (EU), co-funder of the MTCP 2, may also join the supervision mission and participate as observers to the Regional Steering Committee that will be held at the end of the mission.

While not a full member of the SIS team, Mr. Roberto Longo – IFAD/PTA technical advisor – will participate in the field work in a few countries to be decided, and join the deliberations of the MTCP Regional Steering Committee organized at the end of the mission.


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