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Indicator and the results of project matching challenges

Display Date: 10/16/12

In reality, the government would always like to see the results of being povety support to the poorest people; however, it is so much difficult to assess the exact impact from the project, therefore, I would like to know more how it should be solved from the begining of the project inititation or formulation. 

How could it be solved? Really it is challenging us, there are so many indicators develed as a logical framework and result based mangement including mangement by objective however the policy makers from the higher level always seek the concret results, which is distant ahcievable for all. 

How can we make a reliable but simple indicators which could be supplied for the grass root level of our mobilzers for assessment and support continuation to upgrade the resutls towards hitting poverty alleviation. 

It has just come in mind and started writing here...





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