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Video baseline survey and photographic data collection in Indonesia

Display Date: 2/10/15


Farmers and village leaders in Indonesia have been interviewed on video and their landscapes photographed to collect baseline data for the Smart Tree-Invest project

By Nichola Sarvangga Valero Mitakda


A farmer being interviewed about climate risks in Buol, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Photo: World Agroforestry Centre/Nichola Sarvangga Valero Mitakda

Sixteen farmers and eight village administration representatives from Buol district, Central Sulawesi province, Indonesia, talked about the challenges and opportunities facing their farms and natural environment during the Climate-smart, Tree-based Co-investment in Adaptation and Mitigation in Asia (Smart Tree-Invest) project’s video baseline survey and photographic data collection.

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This is fantastic idea Robert! Not only it will make monitoring work more interesting, it shows the evidences and engages respondent in a meaningful and fun way. Just not forget to include women respondents ;)

Warm regards, Jagriti

Posted on 2/18/15 10:09 AM.


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