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Livestock and Microfinance in Western Asia Workshop

Laura Puletti

This is the last of series of events on microfinance and livestock looking specifically at gender challenges.

Please click here to read the concept note for the workshop and learn more about the workshop's objectives and our participants!

Participants can access necessary forms and docments below:

List of Participants


Field Visit

Workshop Information Note

Participant information Form

Workshop Report Template

FAO 'The State of Agriculture: Women in Agriculture' [4-page Summary]

FAO 'The State of Agriculture: Women in Agriculture' [FULL]

Knowledge Sharing Methods & Tools: The Facilitator's Guide

Summary Report and Global Action Plan: Women Pastoralists 2011 - 2013

IFAD Thematic Paper: Livestock and Rural Finance

IFAD's Livestock Insurance Scheme: Guidelines for Field Implementation

IFPRI Innovations in Rural and Agricultural Finance

Article: Livestock Insurance in Mongolia

Refinancing facilities: IFAD innovation in Rural Development

Livestock Insurance Scheme Vietnam

Please find presentations here

Antonio Rota presentation on Livestock

Thierry Mahieux presentation on Rural Finance

Khas Bank presentation on microfinance

Ulziibold Yadamsuren presentation on Livestock and Rural Microfinancing

Laura Puletti presentation on the Global Gathering of Women Pastorials

In addition Ulziibold Yadamsuren provided us with another intersting paper that he recommends to people interested in the topic of microinsurance.

Viewing Microinsurance as a Social Risk Management Instrument, written by his colleagues at the World Bank. 

For more information or assistance please email Mirka Ferrise ( or Laura Puletti (

It is good idea when participants can take documents, familiarise with them and at Workshop already set those questions which have appeared during reading. Thanks for Team of this Workshop!

Posted on 5/17/11 3:02 AM.

Thanks for taking the time to sign up and see what is here. Looking forward to meeting you in Mongolia

Posted on 5/19/11 7:45 AM in reply to Kubanychbek Kudaibergenovich Abdykerimov.

Thank you so much to show your enthusiasm!! We are really looking forward to seeing the photo collection!! It will be a good memory for all of us!! Thanks again. L

Posted on 5/27/11 12:05 PM in reply to Kubanychbek Kudaibergenovich Abdykerimov.


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