Breif description of Project for Market and Pasture Managment Development


The project contributes to the overall goal of the Government and IFAD to empower poor rural women and men to achieve higher incomes and sustainable improvements in their livelihoods.


The development objective of the project is to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods of poor herder and soum and aimag center households in the project area.


The project activities are structured in three components: a) Market development b)Pasture management and climate change adaptation; and c) Project management and Policy support.

The Development objective of the project is to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods of poor herder and Soum and Aimag centre households in the project area - in line with the Government’s “Mongol Livestock” and “Cooperative Development” programs.

The immediate objectives of the project would be as follows;

Market development

  • Members of herder groups, farmer groups and rural poor in soum and aimag centers participate in value chains and earn premium incomes through direct sales of quality produce to local and national buyers;
  • Small enterprise capacities in processing crop and livestock raw materials have been established within value chains by herder and/or farmer groups, in association with buyer enterprises and effectively add value to the produce before being sold;
  • Joint liability Self Help Group, most with women, use micro-finance to diversify household economic activities;
  • Financing institution have expanded and consolidated their lending to the target group with the initial help of project guarantees.   

Pasture management and climate adaptation

  • Pasture Herder Groups and herder households in the project area plan and manage livestock and pastures in a more sustainable manner, have improved pasture and livestock productivity
  • Vulnerability of herders in the project area to climate change impacts is reduced

Project management and policy support

  • The project has been implemented in a timely and cost-effective reaching the target group;
  •  Government policy and support service capacities in sustainable extensive livestock development have been strengthened and relevant legislation is properly implemented and monitored

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