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Pacific Rural Development Implementer's Workshop

Display Date: 9/12/11

As MORDI is about to wrap up its 6 years of work in the Pacific, we are thinking of compiling a Lessons learnt/ good practices in Rural Development work manual to leave behind for all those programs and organisations who are thinking of doing rural development work in the Pacific. 

As such I would be grateful if you all could please provide your comments and suggestions on how we should approach this. What should this manual look like? If you have examples from your projects please do send them to me. How should we condense the 6 years of lessons into a managable, meaningful manual that will be useful for rural development workers.

We are also thinking of orgainsing a workshop (before? or after? or both?) to learn more from others/ share this lessons with as wide as possible stakeholders. if you have done such a workshop before then please help us with your suggestions on how this will work the best. 

Looking forward to your help in the coming weeks. best regards, 

vikash Kumar

Learning Unit Coordinator - MORDI

I would be most grateful for your help and suggestions. Please do post some suggestions so that we can produce a useful materials for others to use after us. thanks, vikash

Posted on 1/12/12 9:28 PM.


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