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Gender Sensitive Value Chain Development

Display Date: 9/29/11

Dear IFAD Family,

There are many projects working with Pro-Poor Value Chains. If your project is working on a value chain and your project worked towards upgrading it, Can you please tell us, How did you upgrade the value Chain to increase benefits for you stakeholders? Are there women involved in it? How Did you improve the participation of Women in the value chain? or, In What ways women were benefited by the upgrading? 

APMAS had conducted a Gender Senstive Value Chain Training for Vietnamese Projects in Ha Nai in March,2011. We are collecting views from different projects about their value chains and upgrading strategies. The discussion and experience sharing will help new projects who are in the initial stage of value chain development or upgrading. So please let us know your experience: 

APMAS Project


Dear Jagriti,
This is really important discussion you have started as our project has strong component on creating pro poor peoples' public private partnership, we have collected some literature from internet and few is part of our programme design so I can share the same with you. But as our project has just began to implement on field so no field experience.

This would learning for us as well
With Warm Regards
Dilipsing Bayas

Posted on 9/29/11 8:06 AM.

Dear Dilipsing,

Thank you for your comment. We also did some research for our training on 'Gender Sensitive Value Chain Development'. Please do let me know which value chain your project is involved with, may be i will have some materials to share with you. Also, I would stress that please explore on women's work /gender issues in the value chain you are developing/upgrading.

This ILO publication provides a very good gender analysis of value chains, there are many examples of different value chains at the end:


Thank you again,
Warm regards,

Posted on 10/3/11 5:16 AM in reply to Dilipsing Bayas.

Hello again!

Just want to add... we have published a tool which is a step by step guide for gender sensitive value chain upgrading. It is in our blogs section, namely 'Useful Tool: Gender Sensitive Upgrading of Value Chain".
Plz check it out..
Warm regards,

Posted on 10/3/11 5:26 AM in reply to Jagriti Shankar.


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