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First time on the IFADAsia portal

I have just now received training in how to enter and access the portal.  This is my first blog, so bare with me.  I think that the portal will be terrific;  putting the Asia Region of IFAD ahead, again.  Please use it, and let's communicate.


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Thanks Kevin. If this is your first blog, you made it through with flying colors. Any time you have more to say, there is a ready audience here standing by to listen to your second one. We in APR appreciate your support and will being doing our best meet your expectations. WIth so many interesting people working in some connection with the IFAD-financed activities in the region, we are eager to see them connect, and optimistic about the outcome. Even just so far with only a fraction of them having begun to join in, the portal is starting to make a good read.

Posted on 9/9/11 6:34 PM.

Welcome to the IFADAsia portal Kevin! Philippines is on its preparation to the 5th Knowledge and Learning Market. We invite you to be part of it, we will post activities from preparation and blog the activities real-time as the event unfolds on 19-20 October 2011.

Posted on 9/13/11 2:03 AM.

Hi Kevin. It would be great to be able to know more about what is happening in other regions and share knowledge with other practitioners. So, i am wondering if the other IFAD Divisions will be setting up the same portals?

Posted on 9/13/11 7:22 AM.

I share the view of Bang Vu Pham

I believe this portal is an excellent example on what can be achieved in the area of efficiency and knowledge sharing, when the project community and ICT join forces. New project teams can have their sites up in a matter of hours and get connected to the wealth of information that is gathered in the field and available here in HQ. A perfect example of a smart comunity and IFAD strategy in motion. Valuable for the whole organization, not only the Asia Pacific Region.

My compliments
Ad Langenkamp
manager Information Management Foundation programme

Posted on 9/13/11 11:20 AM in reply to Bang Vu Pham.

ICT are currently piloting the platform with APR to understand which features are popular, which are not so popular and any other requirements which may become apparent. That said, the platform has been designed and developed to be easily scaled up. The demand for collaboration between regions, countries and projects exists and this tool helps satisfy that demand. I congratulate the project team for their vision and persistence to see it through. Providing an IT system for use in projects is a first for ICT and that's exciting, I hope the additional level knowledge capture adds further value to IFAD's KM initiative.

Posted on 9/13/11 6:02 PM.

It always excites me to learn more. I am Grace Aquillo, designated Information Officer of National Irrigation Administration (NIA) in the province of Antique (Region 6). IFAD-IRPEP gives me this opportunity to join and become part of this portal. Just like Kevin, it is also my first time to connect. The experience is great!

Posted on 9/16/11 12:39 AM.