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Negotiations upcoming for first IFAD project in Kiribati

Display Date: 3/13/14

Following the completion of the project design for the Outer Islands Food and Water Project in October 2013 and the recent participation by the Minister of the MELAD, H.E. Tiarite Kwong,  an IFAD delegation will travel to Tarawa for negotiation of the Financing Agreement for the project, to be held 31 March - 2 April 2014.

The project will work in four Outer Islands, Abemama, Beru, Tabiteuea North and Nonouti over a four-year period with IFAD financing for an amount of about USD 3.0 million and contributions from Government of Kiribati of USD 1.0 million.

The project development objective, once achieved, will be that "Outer Island communities are able to successfully plan and implement investments that result in better nutrition and access to rainwater."   An estimated 43 communities and some 2200 households will be included in the project.  Project financing will cover the costs of some 278 rainwater harvesting structures, establishment of commercial nurseries, support to women in home gardens, rehabilitation of giant taro pits, backyard poultry production, bread fruit and coconut tree repalcement plantings, and nutrition education activities.

The Government of Kiribati has also mobilised support for this investment from the Taiwan Technical Mission and the Australian Centre for Interantional Agricultural Research.  Project activities are expected to begin in late 2014.



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