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IPAF Small Projects Desk Review

Author: Indigenous People Desk


Dear Colleauges,

The Indigenous Peoples’ Desk has just released an important report providing an overview on project performance, indigenous peoples well-being, access to land and management of natural resources, innovation, scaling-up, gender and sustainability of 53 small IPAF grants.

 …”About 45 000 people directly benefited from these projects and more than half of them were women. Project services reached about 1 200 communities…. A serious of recommendations emerged from the analysis. Some of them relate to IPAFs’ project cycle; others are intended to contribute to the definition of indicators suitable for capturing the specificities of indigenous peoples vision of development”.

A great thanks to Antonella and her team for this initiative!

Enjoy the reading. L

Language:  English (United Kingdom)
Development Themes: Targetting Gender Climate Change & Environment Indigenous People Monitoring & Evaluation Youth
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