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Pass on the Gift Policy

Dairy Goat project is a sub-component under RMLSP.  The project objective is to provide poor rural households, especially women, with the skills, knowledge and initial inputs they require in order to engage in profitable dairy goat and forage production to increase their income and improve the nutritional status of their families. The programme focuses on disseminating technological packages for improving goat and forage production systems to poor women groups. The packages include improved local goat breeds; improved dairy production, It is worth mentioning that 100% of the project benefciaries are women.

One of the unique feature of the project is “Pass on the Gift Policy” through which yearling goat kids are taken from the project beneficiary and handed over to another new beneficiary. To ensure this happen a contract is signed between the project beneficiary and the project staff in the presence of local government and community officials.

 So far, a total number of 279 these yearling goats' kids are already distributed (62 % of the total target for three years) through POTG scheme.

The project  believe that this feature will while help in covering additional beneficiaries that are left out due to lack of resources will also help in ensuring the sustainability of the project. Does any other project within the Asia pacific have a similar experience? We will love to hear your experiences.

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