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RUPES II Final Workshop

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
Laura Puletti

    The Programme on Rewards for Use of and Shared Investment in Pro-poor Environmental Services has come to an end. It will close in March 2013 after working in 22 sites in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Philippines, India and Nepal for the last 8 years, engaging with 50 Government Institutions, NGOs, research institutes, universities and at least 16 private companies for the benefit of 600 rural farmers, out of which 100 women.

  The Workshop will help us all to reflect on target achieved, challenges and lessons learnt. One full day will be devoted to discuss about gender inclusion. 

  Innovation will be key. How can RUPES activities become more cost-effective and scaled-up? How can we better communicate and promote sustainable and gender-sensitive climate-smart rural development?

  We will exchange with our Field Implementers, interview some Beneficiaries and Government staff and learn more about their needs and how to better link with our loan project staff.

   Through the new Environment and Natural Resource Management Policy (2012), IFAD has reiterated its commitment and willingness to address environment and climate change challenges, by promoting community-based approaches and strengthening information sharing and demand-driven tools.   

  The workshop results will definitely contribute to improvements in future grant design programmes.

  Follow our progress in the next days: your contribution to our discussions will be highly appreciated!

  Thank you! L  

Agenda of the Workshop

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