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The second MTCP SC Regional Meeting, Bangkok 18 Dec 2012



Second MTCP Regional Steering Committee for South Asia and South East Asia plus China

Bangkok, 18th December 2012

The Regional Steering Committee meeting aims to review the reports of the SIS mission on the implementation experiences of MTCP  (2009-2012) in the Nine countries ( Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philipine, Lao, China, Srilangka, Nepal and India). The review will draw lessons learnt and share with IFAD as the major financer for possible scaling up. Specifically, it aims to address the following objectives: 

1.  Discuss the overall progress and the current status of the implementation of MTCP at regional, sub-regional and national levels based on the SIS mission reports.

2. Identify the common challenges of the MTCP implementation administratively,  financially, and its management with recommendations for future directions. 

3.  Identify future policy and activity options including the structure of Sub-regional events and Regional events in order to facilitate the design and implementation of an MTCP II  programme

4. Discuss  on MTCP resource allocation to participating countries and agree on next steps for collaboration at national, sub-regional and regional levels for future directions.



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